About US

Chowpatty Culture is our attempt to recreate the famous & diverse Street foods of Iconic Chowpatty beach of Mumbai in India. We bring this Iconic Street food to The Beach, which is as diverse and rich in culture & food, as the original Chowpatty Beach. In Downtown Toronto, Chowpatty Culture means a culture of innovative, friendly, affordable and delicious Indian food experience.

Ripu Singh and his team are thrilled to be part of The Beach’s vibrant community and take advantage of the area’s incredible love for local businesses.

Meet the Core Team


Chef Kamal Rana

We’re lucky enough here in The Beaches to have Chef Kamal Rana to lead the Chowpatty Culture Kitchen.

A traditioal yet modern Indian culinary chef with over 20 years of five star experience under his belt. Coincidentally, he lived close to Chopwpatty Beach in Mumbai and now found abother home at Chowpatty at The Beaches in Toronto. Humble and hard working, Chef Kamal is an Architect of what comes out of Kitchen.
He dislikes Food Colors, MSG, and excessive oil in the food keeping Chowpatty Culture’s food honest as he is.

Saurav Magar

A true rising star with a hotel management background, hard working, and always on the go. A self-drive whose actions speak louder than his words. He can the show at front or back of the kitchen. 

Ripu Singh

Loves blue lake water and strong beliver of healthy and sustainable living. He keeps challangeing his previous version to get better at what we do at Chowpatty.