Our Kadak Masala chai is the best chai in the game. We’ve mastered how to make bold masala chai as it’s made with house blend whole spices and most robust chai you’ve had in a long time. We use natural unrefined cane sugar (Jaggery) which brings smoky and earthy flavor to our chai.

Experience True Masala Chai: Authentic Flavor, Natural Benefits

A staple drink throughout South Asia, it’s flavorful and aromatic containing natural antioxidants, immune boosting ingredients and a slow releasing form of caffeine for better healing and living.

You might’ve had a watered-down version of masala chai at your local cafes, often called a “chai tea latte” or “chai latte”, but these lack the authentic ingredients and are usually full of syrup and refined sweetener instead. 

Oatmilk Masala Chai2

Oat Masala Chai

Oat Masala chai takes Masala Chai to the next level when we replace milk with premium Oatmilk to make it vegan.

Golden Chai

Golden Chai is special chai we make with a shot of turmeric, cinnamon, fresh ginger, and black pepper. It has all the exotic warm spices of chai paired with the earthy tones and slightly savory edge of golden milk.

Chowpatty Dirty Chai

Chowpatty Dirty Chai that we serve is a (out of the box) OOTB version of Chai who prefer a strong kick of flavor and energy. It’s made of our kadak masala chai with a shot of espresso. Unlike Masala chai, dirty chai has kick of energy with bolder flavor profile and all the goodness of natural spices & herbs.

Our chai is a dope. Drop in for your cup of chai.

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Masala chai with ingredients

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Kadak Masala Chai

Oat Masala Chai (Vegan)

Dirty Chai

Golden Chai